Holiday Rentals in France

Arriving at our Holiday Gite in France

Arrived home from France a couple of weeks ago after our first adventure as French property owners. We spent 4 nights in Paris then headed down to Angouleme on the train – only took 2 1/2 hours. Mary and Mick, the sellers of Les Noisetiers met us at the train station and it was like a meeting of old friends after our months of emails back and forth since we first decided to buy their house. Mary took me on a whirlwind walking tour of the old cobbled streets of Angouleme while Mick took Peter off to Prefecture to register the car we had bought from them. Mary, a real foodie, took me around the covered food market and introduced me to the many delights of the food stalls there and purchased the makings for our lunch. We chatted over a morning coffee then Peter and Mick joined us after a successful transfer of the car registration. First step accomplished! Mary and Mick then drove us to our new home in the small village of Montignac, an easy 20 minute drive from Angouleme. First stop was to meet Thierry the owner of the daily market in the centre of the village. Apparently we were the talk of the village – why would Australians come all this way to buy a house in Montignac?

However, we were made to feel so very welcome and unexpectedly had a social life during our three weeks there as locals invited us to their homes and to meet their friends.

Our first day was spent with Mary and Mick as they helped us open a French bank account, transfer the utilities into our names and explained so much to us about the house and environs. Our heads were spinning and we were a bit overwhelmed with the enormity of what we had undertaken. A very pleasant evening with Mary and Mick in a small bistro in Angouleme was the perfect end to the first day of our new adventure!