Holiday Rentals in France

First guests

It has been an interesting few months as we have managed our holiday home from afar. Luckily we have some very good people in France looking after things for us. Our first three lots of guests have arrived and by all accounts from the first two groups who have already left, they had a wonderful time. The Montignac locals made them feel very welcome and apparently ‘the Australian house’ has now become quite well known, even in neighbouring villages. The village is obviously very different in the summer than when we were there, with lots of different events happening that our guests have been able to enjoy – horse racing at the hippodrome, canoe rentals from the hippodrome (only a short walk from the house); a concert at the donjon, Bastille Day celebrations on the quay with dancing and fireworks and various markets in the local area.

Our guests have also enjoyed swimming in the river which was very welcome in the heatwave that France has just experienced. We were very pleased to find out that even on very hot days, Les Noisetiers stayed lovely and cool (courtesy of the thick stone walls). The grape vine over the table beside the river is now in full leaf – looking forward to picking grapes when we get there in September!