Holiday Rentals in France

Life in a small French village

We are currently enjoying our time at Les Noisetiers – our fifth time here since buying the house in early 2015. What an experience it has been – from setting up the house, learning how everything works here in France, getting to know people in the village and exploring the surrounding areas. We have worked hard getting the house and garden the way we want but it has definitely been a labour of love and we have learned a lot along the way. The best thing about setting up house in the small village of Montignac Charente has been getting to know people here and feeling as though we belong which is quite a different experience from going somewhere for a holiday. Some of the experiences that are a joy to us are wandering along the quay beside the Charente river into the village square and visiting the boulangerie for a fresh bauguette or pastry, buying fresh fruit and vegetables from the local daily market, having a pizza at the local restaurant, sitting on our deck beside the river for lunch, dinner or aperitifs and working in our garden. What a different experience that has been from our tropical Brisbane garden. Seeing the various flowerings throughout the seasons and getting the spring flowers planted each year including the window boxes filled with geraniums, has been such a joy. At the moment, the fragrance of jasmine is filling the air and the arbour by the river is covered with our very own grape vine. When we are back at the end of August, the grapes that are now only tiny, will be lush and ripe on the vine. Long evenings in the garden and beside the river are something that we savour as it doesn’t get dark til 10 pm and the local church chimes at 7 pm to indicate that it is time to stop work!! (Also chimes at noon every day.)
Only 6 more days now until we head home to Brisbane but already looking forward to our return visit in August/September to our little piece of paradise